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Pokemon Emerald Randomizer ROM – Download

Pokemon Emerald Randomizer ROM

Pokemon Emerald Randomizer is available to download and play on Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone. You can download the Pokemon Emerald Randomizer ROM for GBA emulator from below.

Pokemon Emerald Randomizer ROM

  • File: Pokemon Emerald Randomizer ROM
  • Type: Fan made
  • Console: GBA
  • Emulator: GBA Emulators
  • Last Update: 2023
  • platforms: Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone

Download Pokemon Emerald Randomizer ROM from below.

Pokemon Emerald Randomizer ROMDownload

Pokemon Emerald Randomizer

Pokemon Emerald Randomizer is a fan-made modification of the 2004 Pokemon Emerald game, which introduces randomization to various aspects of the game. The randomizer changes the location, type, and stats of Pokemon, as well as the abilities of trainers and gym leaders, making the game unpredictable and challenging.

Players can use a randomizer tool to generate a new version of the game with a different set of randomized elements. This can include randomized starters, wild Pokemon encounters, items, and even the in-game trades.

The Pokemon Emerald Randomizer is a popular way for players to experience the game in a fresh way and add some excitement and variety to their gameplay.


The story of Pokemon Emerald Randomizer is essentially the same as the original Pokemon Emerald game, with the main difference being the randomized elements that add a new level of unpredictability and excitement to the gameplay.

As in the original game, the player starts their journey in Littleroot Town and sets out to collect gym badges and compete in the Pokemon League tournament. However, in the randomizer version, the Pokemon species, movesets, and abilities are all randomized, which means that the player will encounter unexpected challenges and surprises throughout their journey.

For example, the randomized wild Pokemon encounters can lead to unexpected battles with rare or powerful Pokemon early in the game, or force the player to face off against unfamiliar Pokemon types and move combinations. The randomized trainer Pokemon and movesets can also lead to unexpected difficulty spikes, where an otherwise easy battle can become a major challenge.

Despite these changes, the overall storyline and objectives of the game remain the same, with the player ultimately facing off against the Elite Four and becoming the Pokemon League Champion.


The gameplay of Pokemon Emerald Randomizer is similar to the original Pokemon Emerald game, but with the added element of randomization, which makes the game more unpredictable and exciting.

The player starts the game by selecting a starter Pokemon, which may be different from the original three choices due to the randomization. From there, the player explores the region of Hoenn, encountering and battling other trainers and wild Pokemon to level up their own Pokemon and collect items.

One of the main features of the game is the randomization of Pokemon encounters. Instead of encountering the same Pokemon in each area, the player may encounter a different set of random Pokemon species, which can include rare or powerful Pokemon that are not normally found in that area.


Some of the key features of Pokemon Emerald Randomizer include:

  • Randomized Pokemon: The game features randomized Pokemon encounters, meaning that the types and levels of Pokemon that appear in each area are different every time the game is played. This adds an element of surprise and unpredictability to the gameplay.
  • Randomized Abilities and Movesets: In addition to randomized Pokemon, the abilities and movesets of both wild and trainer Pokemon are also randomized, making battles more challenging and strategic.
  • Randomized Items: The locations of items throughout the game are also randomized, which means that the player must explore and search carefully to find valuable items that will help them on their journey.
  • Increased Difficulty: Due to the randomization of Pokemon, abilities, and movesets, the game is generally more challenging than the original Pokemon Emerald, providing a greater sense of achievement when the player overcomes difficult battles.
  • Enhanced Replayability: The randomization of various game elements means that every playthrough of Pokemon Emerald Randomizer is different, making it a highly replayable game that offers a fresh and exciting experience each time it is played.
  • Trainer Customization: The player can customize their character’s appearance with different outfits and accessories, adding a fun and personal touch to the game.


In Pokemon Emerald Randomizer, the starters are also randomized, meaning that the player will not receive the traditional Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip that are available in the original game. Instead, the player will receive three random Pokemon to choose from at the beginning of the game.

The randomizer tool used to create the randomized game can be set to allow the player to choose from any three Pokemon, or to randomly assign three Pokemon to the player.

For example, the starter Pokemon in a randomized game could be a Bulbasaur, a Pikachu, and a Charmander, or it could be a Pidgey, a Caterpie, and a Weedle. The possibilities are endless and add an extra layer of unpredictability and excitement to the game.


PokemonTypeEvolves FromEvolves IntoDescription
CharmanderFireN/ACharmeleon at Level 16A small, bipedal lizard with a flame on its tail. It is known for its fiery disposition and powerful flame attacks.
PidgeyNormal/FlyingN/APidgeotto at Level 18A small bird with brown feathers and a cream-colored underside. It is often found in forests and fields, and is known for its keen eyesight and swift flight.
SquirtleWaterN/AWartortle at Level 16A small turtle with blue skin and a shell on its back. It is a popular choice among trainers due to its cute appearance and powerful water attacks.
GeodudeRock/GroundN/AGraveler at Level 25A small, rocky creature with arms and legs. It is known for its hard skin and powerful punching attacks.
AbraPsychicN/AKadabra at Level 16A small, yellow creature with pointed ears and a round, pink nose. It is known for its powerful psychic abilities, but is also very timid and easily frightened.
MachopFightingN/AMachoke at Level 28A muscular, humanoid creature with gray skin and red eyes. It is known for its immense strength and powerful punching attacks.
TentacoolWater/PoisonN/ATentacruel at Level 30A jellyfish-like creature with blue skin and long tentacles. It is often found in the ocean and is known for its powerful poison attacks.
GastlyGhost/PoisonN/AHaunter at Level 25A gaseous creature with a round body and large, red eyes. It is known for its ghostly appearance and powerful ghost attacks.
DiglettGroundN/ADugtrio at Level 26A small, brown creature with a round head and no visible limbs. It is known for its ability to burrow underground and powerful digging attacks.
ZubatPoison/FlyingN/AGolbat at Level 22A small, bat-like creature with purple skin and large, pointed ears. It is often found in caves and is known for its supersonic screech attack.
PikachuElectricN/ARaichu with Thunder StoneA small, yellow creature with pointed ears and a lightning bolt-shaped tail. It is known for its powerful electric attacks and is a beloved mascot of the Pokemon franchise.
BellsproutGrass/PoisonN/AWeepinbell at Level 21A plant-like creature with a green stem and a flower-like head. It is known for its powerful vine attacks and ability to ensnare opponents.
EeveeNormalN/AEvolves into various forms with different conditionsA small, fox-like creature with brown fur and large, expressive eyes. It is known for its ability to evolve into many different forms, each with its own unique abilities and strengths.
OnixRock/GroundN/ASteelix with Metal CoatA long, serpentine creature made entirely of rock. It is known for its immense size and strength, as well as its ability to tunnel through solid rock.
CaterpieBugN/AMetapod at Level 7A small, green caterpillar with a voracious appetite. It is often