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Pokemon Moon ROM

Pokemon Moon ROM is developed for 3ds emulator. To play this Moon ROM you must have a 3ds emulator like Citra. Citra can run any 3ds ROM on all devices like iPhone, Windows, Android, and Mac.

Pokemon Moon ROM

  • File: Pokemon Moon
  • Console: Nintendo 3DS
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Region: Europe, USA
  • Emulator: Citra and Similar 3ds Emulators
  • Platforms: Android, Mac, iPhone, Windows
  • Year: 2017

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Pokemon Moon ROM Download
Pokemon Moon ROM [Europe, USA]Download

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Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Moon is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console. It was released worldwide in November 2016.

In the game, the player takes on the role of a Pokemon trainer who embarks on a journey across the Alola region to catch, train, and battle with Pokemon. The game introduces new Pokemon, characters, and gameplay mechanics, such as Z-moves, which are powerful attacks that can only be used once per battle.


Pokemon Moon gameplay

In Pokemon Moon, the player assumes the role of a young trainer who sets out on a journey to become the Pokemon Champion. The game follows the traditional Pokemon gameplay formula where players catch, train, and battle Pokemon in order to progress through the game.

The game introduces new features such as the Rotom Pokedex, which is an interactive Pokedex that players can use to communicate with their Pokemon and navigate the world. There are also new battle mechanics such as Z-moves, which are powerful moves that can only be used once per battle.

The game’s story involves the player character and their allies uncovering a plot by an evil organization known as Team Skull to take control of the Alola region. The story is told through a series of cutscenes and interactions with non-playable characters.

One unique aspect of Pokemon Moon is that the game features a day-night cycle that corresponds to the real-life time of day. Certain events and Pokemon can only be found during certain times of day or night, making it important for players to pay attention to the time of day in the game.

Overall, Pokemon Moon offers a fun and engaging gameplay experience for both longtime fans of the Pokemon series and newcomers to the franchise.


The story begins with the player character moving to the Alola region with their mother, and meeting Professor Kukui, who invites them to begin their Pokemon journey. Along the way, they meet various characters such as Lillie, a mysterious girl who needs their help, and Hau, a friendly rival who accompanies them throughout their journey.

As the player progresses through the game, they uncover a mysterious group known as the Aether Foundation, who seem to have ulterior motives. They also encounter the evil team, Team Skull, who cause trouble throughout the region.

Eventually, the player discovers that the Aether Foundation is actually trying to save a legendary Pokemon, Cosmog, from a mysterious dimension known as Ultra Space. However, Team Skull is also after Cosmog, believing it will help them achieve their goals of power and domination.

As the player character becomes stronger and captures more Pokemon, they eventually confront and defeat the leaders of Team Skull and the Aether Foundation. They also encounter the legendary Pokemon of the Alola region, Solgaleo or Lunala, depending on which version of the game they are playing.

In the end, the player character becomes the Champion of the Alola region, and is hailed as a hero for their bravery in stopping the evil forces that threatened the region. The game also features various post-game content, such as battling against powerful trainers and capturing even more rare Pokemon.


Pokemon Moon is a popular video game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS handheld console. Some of its features include:

  • New region: Pokemon Moon takes place in the Alola region, which is based on Hawaii. It features a unique culture and environment, with new Pokemon and landmarks to discover.
  • New Pokemon: Pokemon Moon introduces over 80 new Pokemon species, including the three new starter Pokemon: Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio.
  • Day and night cycle: Unlike previous Pokemon games, Pokemon Moon has a day and night cycle that affects gameplay. Some Pokemon are more active at night, while others can only be found during the day.
  • Trials and Totem Pokemon: In place of traditional gyms, Pokemon Moon features island trials that consist of completing challenges and battling Totem Pokemon, which are powerful Pokemon that can call for backup.
  • Ultra Beasts: Pokemon Moon introduces a new type of Pokemon called Ultra Beasts, which are mysterious creatures from another dimension that can only be caught using special techniques.
  • Z-Moves: Z-Moves are powerful moves that can be used once per battle by a Pokemon that is holding a Z-Crystal. Each Z-Move corresponds to a specific type of move, and can only be used if the Pokemon knows a move of the corresponding type.
  • Online features: Pokemon Moon allows players to battle and trade with other players online through the Nintendo Network.
  • Customization options: Players can customize their character’s appearance by choosing their gender, skin tone, hair style, and clothing.

Pokemon Moon Walkthrough

here is a chapter-wise walkthrough of the main story of Pokemon Moon:

Chapter 1: Beginning the Adventure

  • You start the game by creating your character and choosing your starter Pokemon.
  • You then embark on your journey to become a Pokemon trainer and explore the Alola region.
  • After some initial exploration, you meet Professor Kukui who gives you your Pokedex and explains more about the region and its Pokemon.

Chapter 2: Exploring Hau’oli City

  • Your first major destination is Hau’oli City, where you will encounter the Kahuna of Melemele Island, Hala.
  • You’ll explore the city, meet some new characters, and take on your first trial in the Trainer’s School.
  • After completing the trial, you’ll face off against Hau, one of your rivals, and continue to explore the city.

Chapter 3: First Grand Trial

  • You’ll make your way to Verdant Cavern to face off against the Totem Pokemon and complete your first grand trial.
  • Along the way, you’ll meet some new characters and catch more Pokemon to add to your team.

Chapter 4: Akala Island

  • After completing your first grand trial, you’ll travel to Akala Island, where you’ll explore new areas and meet new characters.
  • You’ll take on another trial and face off against Team Skull, a group of villains causing trouble in the region.
  • You’ll also meet Aether Foundation, a group dedicated to protecting and researching Pokemon.

Chapter 5: Second Grand Trial

  • Your next grand trial takes place on Akala Island, where you’ll face off against Olivia, the Kahuna of Akala Island.
  • You’ll also encounter the mysterious Ultra Beasts and continue to unravel the secrets of the Aether Foundation.

Chapter 6: Ula’ula Island

  • Your next destination is Ula’ula Island, where you’ll explore more of the Alola region and meet new characters.
  • You’ll take on another trial and continue to face off against Team Skull and the Aether Foundation.
  • You’ll also encounter the Legendary Pokemon, Necrozma.

Chapter 7: Third Grand Trial

  • On Ula’ula Island, you’ll face off against Nanu, the Kahuna of Ula’ula Island, in your third grand trial.
  • You’ll also learn more about the history of the region and the role of the Tapu Pokemon.

Chapter 8: Poni Island

  • Your final destination is Poni Island, where you’ll explore the new areas and take on your final trials.
  • You’ll also encounter the mysterious Ultra Wormholes and travel to another dimension to battle the Ultra Beasts.

Chapter 9: Fourth Grand Trial

  • Your final grand trial takes place on Poni Island, where you’ll face off against Hapu, the Kahuna of Poni Island.
  • You’ll also encounter the Legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo or Lunala, depending on which version of the game you’re playing.

Chapter 10: The Battle Against Team Skull and Aether Foundation

  • After completing all the trials and grand trials, you’ll face off against Team Skull and the Aether Foundation in a final showdown.
  • You’ll also learn the true identity of the villainous leader behind the schemes in the region.

Chapter 11: The Battle Against the Elite Four and Champion

  • Finally, you’ll take on the Elite Four and the current Champion of the Pokemon League in a final battle to become the new Champion.
  • Depending on your performance, you may also unlock a special post-game chapter that expands the story and provides additional challenges.

Pokémon Moon Starters

The three starter Pokémon in Pokémon Moon are:

  • Rowlet – a Grass/Flying type owl Pokémon
  • Litten – a Fire type kitten Pokémon
  • Popplio – a Water type sea lion Pokémon

You will be given one of these three Pokémon by Professor Kukui at the beginning of the game. Each starter Pokémon has its own unique abilities and evolves into more powerful forms as it gains experience. Ultimately, the choice of which starter Pokémon to choose is up to personal preference and play style.

Pokemon Moon Pokedex

Pokemon Moon Pokedex is as follows:

PalossandPyukumukuType: Null
Tapu KokoTapu LeleTapu Bulu
Tapu FiniCosmogCosmoem
Mr. RimeRunerigusMilcery