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Pokemon Leaf Green ROM

Pokemon Leaf Green ROM

Pokemon Leaf Green ROM can be downloaded and played on any device with the Pokemon Leaf Green emulator. Leaf Green ROM is available for Japan, the USA, and Europe regions. You can download this ROM file according to your region from the below. To run the file on PC, Android or iPhone you need to have a GBA Emulator.

Download Pokemon Leaf Green ROM

  • File: Pokemon Leaf Green ROM
  • Console: GBA
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Region: Europe, USA
  • Platforms: Android, Mac, iPhone, Windows
Pokemon Leaf Green Version ROMDownload
Pokemon Leaf Green ROM [USA, Europe]Download
Pocket Monster Leaf Green ROM [Japan]Download

Pokemon Leaf Green Emulator

Pokemon Leaf Green Emulator for PCDownload
Pokemon Leaf Green Emulator for AndroidDownload
Pokemon Leaf Green Emulator for iPhoneDownload

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Setup and Installation

  • Download and Install the Pokemon Leaf Green ROM and Pokemon Leaf Green Emulator on your device.
  • Now open the emulator and run the ROM file.
  • The game will start.
Gameplay Screenshots
Pokemon Leaf Green gameplay

Pokemon Leaf Green

Pokemon Leaf Green was developed for Gameboy advanced gaming console in 2004 as a remake of Pokemon Blue. The game was published for different regions on different dates. Leaf Green is a third-generation video game in the Pokemon Game Series. Leaf Green has new objects, stories, and areas than the Blue version.


The game starts in Pallet Town with a small kid who is a pokemon trainer. The player’s journey starts alonely on the grass. Suddenly a voice stopped him, and when he see it, Professor Oak. Professor is a famous Pokemon researcher. Who took the player into his lab. Here he meet with his grandson and the story began.


Pokemon Leaf Green has third-person, overhead perspective Gameplay. On the main screen of the game, the player can navigate his game character. On the second screen, the player can configure his gameplay and settings. On the third screen, the can fight with pokemon using his pokemon. Moreover, the fights, exploring areas, and movement control as the same as in other pokemon games have.