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Pokemon Sapphire ROM

Pokemon Sapphire ROM

Pokemon Sapphire ROM is available to download for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. This is the Pokemon Sapphire Version 11.1 ROM that is available for all regions. You can also download the Japanese version of the game from the below link. Pokemon Sapphire is playable on any GBA emulator.

Download Pokemon Sapphire ROM

  • File: Pokemon Sapphire ROM
  • Console: GBA
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Region: Europe, USA
  • Platforms: Android, Mac, iPhone, Windows
Pokemon Sapphire ROMDownload
Pokemon Sapphire ROM [USA, Europe]Download
Pocket Monster Sapphire ROM [Japan]Download

Pokemon Sapphire Emulator

Pokemon Sapphire Emulator for Windows and MacDownload
Pokemon Sapphire Emulator for AndroidDownload
Pokemon Sapphire Emulator for iPhoneDownload

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Setup and Installation Guide

  • Download and install the Pokemon Sapphire ROM and Pokemon Sapphire emulator according to your device from the above link.
  • Open the ROM file inside your emulator and click on play.
  • Now you will see the gameplay.
Gameplay Screenshot
Pokemon Sapphire gameplay screenshots

Pokemon Sapphire

Pokemon Sapphire was developed for the GBA gaming console in 2002 by Game Freak, But nowadays you can play the game on any device with the help of a ROM file and emulator. This is the third generation video game. Its advanced version is Pokémon Emerald.


Pokemon Sapphire has 135 new pokemon with special abilities and powers. The main goal of the player is to fight with enemies and take control of new areas. The story of the game start in HoennTown with a young pokemon trainer. The player can be Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip as a startup player. In the starting, the player has the task to protect Professor Birch from wild pokemon. Then the player receives pokemon from the Professor to convey his more wars.


This game has new features and connectivity in its gameplay. Two battles mode has been added to the game. More the game has three screens as the other pokemon games have. In the battle screen, the player can use two pokemon and the opponent also has two pokemon. Bith can use the powers of their pokemon in the battle.