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Pokemon Ultra Violet (Hack Version ROM)

Pokemon Ultra Violet

Pokemon Ultra Violet is a modified version of Pokemon Firered. This game has many new features and elements than FireRed version. One of the best feature of the game is one player can play the whole game with a single save game file.

Pokemon Ultra Violet

  • File: Pokemon UltraViolet Version
  • Author: LocksmithArmy
  • Emulator: GBA
  • Update of: Pokemon FireRed
  • Platforms: Windows, Android, Mac,iPhone
  • Language: English

Most of the gameplay and design are similar to the original one. But the developer added some new features as all Generation 2 Pokemon are added to the game. The player can choose his starter Pokemon and many more.


  1. All pokemon are catchable
  2. No need to trade a Pokemon to evolve
  3. Updated Game
  4. You can choose your own starter Pokemon
  5. Travel to the last 2 islands and catch Hooh, Lugia, and Deoxys
  6. All first 2 generations of Pokemon are added
  7. Take both fossils and fighting Pokemon

Download Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM

Pokemon Ultra Violet ROMDownload

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