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Pokemon Uranium – Download ROM

Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium is a fanmade game developed in 2016. This game was made using RPG Maker XP. After getting DMCA notice from the Nintendo the team removed the game from their server and shut down this project. Because this game was made using the existing Pokemon resources. Some developers are still supporting the game and they have provided patches and bug fixes.

Pokemon Uranium Download

  • File: Pokemon Uranium
  • Platform: Windows
  • Release Year: 2016
  • Made with: RPG Maker XP

The latest version of the Pokemon Uranium game is 1.2.4. You can download the below.

Pokemon Uranium ROM Download Download

Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made, unofficial Pokemon game developed by a small team of developers. It features new Pokemon, new regions to explore, and a new story to follow. The game was released in 2016 after nine years of development and received widespread attention from the gaming community. However, due to copyright issues with Nintendo, the game was later taken down by the developers. While the game is no longer available for download, some fans still play and enjoy it through unofficial means.


The story of Pokemon Uranium takes place in the Tandor region, where the player character embarks on a journey to become a Pokemon trainer. However, the story takes a dark turn when the player discovers that a dangerous nuclear Pokemon has been created by a team of scientists. This Pokemon, known as Nuclear Type, has the power to wreak havoc and destruction on the region if it is not stopped.

The player is tasked with defeating the eight Gym Leaders of the region, collecting badges, and ultimately facing off against the Tandor League’s Elite Four and Champion. Along the way, they encounter the nefarious Team Uranium, who seek to use the power of Nuclear Type for their own gain.

The story also involves a mysterious character known as the Professor, who provides guidance to the player throughout their journey. As the story progresses, the player learns more about the Professor’s true identity and the role they play in the creation of Nuclear Type.

Overall, the story of Pokemon Uranium explores themes of science and its impact on society, the dangers of unchecked ambition, and the responsibility of power.


The gameplay of Pokemon Uranium is similar to other mainline Pokemon games. The player navigates the world from a top-down perspective, encountering wild Pokemon, other trainers, and exploring various towns and cities throughout the Tandor region.

As a Pokemon trainer, the player can catch and train various Pokemon, battling other trainers and gym leaders to progress through the game’s story. The game features over 200 new Pokemon, many of which are unique to the Tandor region and have different types and abilities.

One unique feature of Pokemon Uranium is the introduction of Nuclear Type Pokemon. These Pokemon have unique abilities and are immune to some types of moves but are also weak to other types. Additionally, there are several new types of Poke Balls that can be used to catch Nuclear Type Pokemon.

The game also features a variety of side quests and activities, such as the ability to create and customize Poke Balls, participate in a Pokemon breeding system, and even engage in online battles with other players.

Overall, Pokemon Uranium offers a traditional Pokemon gameplay experience with some unique features and twists that make it a memorable and engaging game.


Some of the features of Pokemon Uranium include:

  • New Pokemon: The game introduces over 200 new Pokemon, many of which are unique to the Tandor region and have different types and abilities.
  • Nuclear Type Pokemon: The game introduces a new type of Pokemon called Nuclear Type. These Pokemon have unique abilities and are immune to some types of moves but are also weak to other types.
  • New regions to explore: The player can explore new areas of the Tandor region, including a nuclear power plant, a snowy mountain range, and a tropical island.
  • Gym Leaders and Elite Four: The game features eight Gym Leaders and a challenging Elite Four and Champion to battle.
  • Side quests and activities: The player can engage in various side quests and activities, such as creating and customizing Poke Balls, participating in a Pokemon breeding system, and even engaging in online battles with other players.
  • Updated graphics: The game features updated graphics compared to the older Pokemon games, with new battle animations and sprite designs.
  • Storyline and characters: The game features a new storyline and characters, including the mysterious Professor and the nefarious Team Uranium.
  • Soundtrack: The game features an original soundtrack that adds to the immersive experience of the game.

Pokemon Uranium Starters

The starters in Pokemon Uranium are:

  • Raptorch: A Fire/ Ground type Pokemon that resembles a small, bipedal dinosaur with a flaming tail. It evolves into Archilles at level 16 and then into Flamiger at level 36.
  • Orchynx: A Grass/ Steel type Pokemon that resembles a small, bipedal cat with metallic claws. It evolves into Metalynx at level 16 and then into Grandferno at level 36.
  • Eletux: An Electric/ Water type Pokemon that resembles a small, bipedal otter with an electric eel tail. It evolves into Electruxo at level 16 and then into Electruxton at level 36.

Players can choose one of these three starters at the beginning of the game and use it to battle against other trainers and capture other Pokemon. Each starter has its unique strengths and weaknesses, allowing players to customize their playstyle and strategy.

Pokemon Uranium Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Departure

  • The player receives their first Pokemon from Professor Bamb’o and sets off on their journey.
  • They must defeat the first Gym Leader, Theo, and his Raptorch to earn their first badge.

Chapter 2: Onward to Kevlar Town

  • The player travels to Kevlar Town and meets the Gym Leader, Maria.
  • They must defeat Maria and her Steel-type Pokemon to earn the second badge.

Chapter 3: Exploring Route 02

  • The player travels through Route 02, battling other trainers and catching new Pokemon.
  • They encounter a nuclear explosion at the Power Plant, and Theo joins the player on their journey.

Chapter 4: The First Fossil

  • The player reaches the Bealbeach City and meets the Gym Leader, Corey.
  • They must defeat Corey and his team of Fossil Pokemon to earn the third badge.

Chapter 5: Into the Underground

  • The player explores the Underground Railnet, battling Team Uranium members and their nuclear Pokemon.
  • They find a mysterious man who warns them about the dangers of nuclear energy.

Chapter 6: The Second Fossil

  • The player reaches the second Fossil excavation site and battles against the Gym Leader, Kiki.
  • They must defeat Kiki and her team of Poison-type Pokemon to earn the fourth badge.

Chapter 7: The Nuclear Plant

  • The player reaches the Nuclear Plant and discovers the true nature of nuclear Pokemon.
  • They must battle against the corrupt officials and stop them from using nuclear Pokemon for their own gain.

Chapter 8: The Third Fossil

  • The player travels to Amatree Town and meets the Gym Leader, Samson.
  • They must defeat Samson and his team of Fossil Pokemon to earn the fifth badge.

Chapter 9: The Nuclear Forest

  • The player enters the Nuclear Forest, a dangerous area where nuclear Pokemon roam.
  • They must navigate through the forest and defeat the Gym Leader, Ciel, to earn the sixth badge.

Chapter 10: The Battle of Venesi City

  • The player reaches Venesi City and discovers Team Uranium’s plan to launch a nuclear attack on the Tandor region.
  • They must battle against the leader of Team Uranium, Curie, and stop her plan to save the region.

Chapter 11: The Final Showdown

  • The player enters the Tandor Championship and battles against the Elite Four and Champion to become the Tandor Champion.
  • They must defeat the final boss, a powerful nuclear Pokemon known as the Final Boss.

Pokemon Uranium Pokedex

Pokedex NumberPokemon NameType(s)Description
#001OrchynxGrass/SteelA grassy cat with a metallic exoskeleton.
#002FutachimaruGrass/SteelA bipedal cat with two swords for arms.
#003NucleonNuclearA radioactive creature with incredible power.
#004RaptorchFire/GroundA small, lizard-like creature that can control flames.
#005ArchillesFire/GroundA large, fiery creature that is said to be unbeatable.
#006EletuxElectric/WaterA yellow otter that can generate electricity.
#007ElectruxoElectric/WaterA large, powerful otter with electrified fur.
#008MisdreavusGhostA mischievous spirit that likes to play pranks on people.
#009MismagiusGhostA more powerful version of Misdreavus.
#010CubbugBugA small, insect-like creature with a hard shell.
#011CubblflyBug/FlyingA butterfly-like creature that can create powerful gusts.
#012BaashaunFightingA sheep-like creature that is skilled in martial arts.
#013BaarietteFightingA larger, more powerful version of Baashaun.
#014GellinPoisonA gelatinous creature that can dissolve almost anything.
#015GelatibytePoisonA more powerful version of Gellin.
#016StratagemRockA rock creature that is able to manipulate gravity.
#017StratosidRock/FlyingA flying version of Stratagem with powerful wings.
#018FloatoyWaterA small, inflatable creature that can float on water.
#019CaimanoeWater/GroundA crocodile-like creature that can move on land and water.
#020TrawpintWater/PoisonA small, crab-like creature that can shoot poison needles.