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Pokemon Uranium (ROM Download)

Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium is a fanmade game developed in 2016. This game was made using RPG Maker XP. After getting DMCA notice from the Nintendo the team removed the game from their server and shut down this project. Because this game was made using the existing Pokemon resources. Some developers are still supporting the game and they have provided patches and bug fixes.

Pokemon Uranium

  • File: Pokemon Uranium
  • Platform: Windows
  • Release Year: 2016
  • Made with: RPG Maker XP

Pokemon Uranium is featured in the Tandor region with 200 Pokemon. The game story starts with a Nuclear explosion in the region. The player loses his mother and stat living with his Aunt. Throughout the game, the player has to defeat eight gym leaders. More the gameplay is most similar to other pokemon games. You can download the game below.

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  1. It has PokePod.
  2. The game is featured in Nuzlocke Mode.
  3. The game has a Pokemon Speech Translator.
  4. Starter Pokemon
  5. Mega Evolution is available in the game.
  6. This is a Nuclear (Theme) Type game.
  7. Over 100 new Unique Pokemon are available.
  8. Poke Radar is added.
  9. Several sidequests are added.

Pokemon Uranium Download

The latest version of the Pokemon Uranium game is 1.2.4. You can download the below.

Pokemon Uranium ROM Download Download
Is Pokémon Uranium still available?

The developer team has stopped the more support for the game. But you can still download the game from 3rd party sources over the internet.