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Pokemon Black Randomizer ROM – Download

Pokemon Black Randomizer ROM

Pokemon Black Randomizer is available to download and play on Android, Windows, Mac and iPhone. You can download Pokemon Black Randomizer ROM for NDS Emulator below.

Pokemon Black Randomizer ROM

  • File: Pokemon Black Randomizer ROM
  • Type Fanmade
  • Last Update: 2023
  • Emulator: NDS Emulator
  • Playable devices: Android, Windows, Mac

Download Pokemon Black Randomizer ROM from below:

Pokemon Black Randomizer ROMDownload

Pokemon Black Randomizer

Pokemon Black Randomizer is a modification of the original Pokemon Black video game that randomizes various elements of the game to create a unique and unpredictable experience for players.

In a Pokemon Black Randomizer, the Pokemon that appear in the wild and those held by trainers are randomized, meaning that players can encounter rare and powerful Pokemon in the early stages of the game, while more common ones may appear later on. Other elements of the game that can be randomized include the starters, their moves, and their abilities, as well as the types of items found in the game, such as healing items, TMs, and held item.


The story of Pokemon Black Randomizer is similar to that of the original Pokemon Black, but with the added twist of randomization. The player character begins their journey to become the Pokemon Champion in the Unova region, where they will encounter many challenges and obstacles.

The randomized encounters mean that the player can encounter a wider variety of Pokemon, making the journey more unpredictable and exciting. The starters are also randomized, so the player can start with a different Pokemon than usual, which can affect their strategy for battles.

As the player travels through the region and defeats Gym Leaders, they will also encounter the villainous organization known as Team Plasma, whose intentions are randomized along with their Pokemon. The player must navigate through their challenges and thwart their plans, which can also be randomized, adding to the unpredictability of the game.

Throughout their journey, the player will encounter a variety of characters, both friendly and hostile, whose roles may also be randomized. The story culminates in a battle against the Elite Four and the Champion, but with the added challenge of randomized encounters and items, making the final battles more challenging and unpredictable.


Some of the features of Pokemon Black Randomizer include:

  • Randomized Encounters: The Pokemon that appear in the wild and those held by trainers are randomized, meaning players can encounter rare and powerful Pokemon in the early stages of the game.
  • Randomized Starters: The starter Pokemon and their moves and abilities are also randomized, creating a unique experience from the beginning of the game.
  • Randomized Items: The types and locations of items found throughout the game, such as TMs and held items, are also randomized, making it more challenging to plan a strategy.
  • Increased Difficulty: With the randomness of encounters, starters, and items, the game can be more challenging and unpredictable, even for experienced players.
  • Customization: Players can customize which aspects of the game they want to randomize, allowing for a more tailored gameplay experience.

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