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Pokemon Cursed ROM (Halloween)

Pokemon Curse

Pokemon Cursed is one of the special Pokemon fanmade game this is a modified version of the Pokemon Firered Version. This is also known as Pokemon Halloween Version or Pokemon Hunted Version Game. You can download this game for Android, Mac, Windows and iPhone below.

Pokemon Cursed

Pokemon Cursed is a hunted-type game that is featured in the Halloween theme. The main goal of the game is to control ghost-type Pokemon. The game has only one move that is named Curse.

  • File: Pokemon Curse
  • Developer: Reidd
  • Emulator: GBA
  • Platforms: Android, Mac, iPhone and Windows


  • New Gameplay
  • Unique type Story
  • More than one game ending
  • Hunted based game

Download Pokemon Cursed ROM

Pokemon CurseDownload

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