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Pokemon Fused Dimensions ROM – Download

Pokemon Fused Dimensions ROM

Pokemon Fused Dimensions is available to download and play on NAdroid, Windows, Mac and iPhone. You can download Pokemon Fused Dimensions ROM for GBA Emulator from below.

Pokemon Fused Dimensions ROM

  • Creator: DanteZ.35
  • Version: v2.3
  • Emulator: GBA Emulator
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: 2023
  • Playable devices: Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone

Download Pokemon Fused Dimensions ROM from below

Pokemon Fused Dimensions ROMDownload

Pokemon Fused Dimensions

DanteZ.35 has developed Pokemon Fused Dimensions as a ROM hack for GBA, using Pokemon Fire Red as its foundation.

Many ROM hacks for Pokemon feature different types of creatures, including Pokemon, Fakemon, and Fused Pokemon. Fused Pokemon are created by combining the appearance of two different Pokemon, with the goal of producing a new and interesting creature. Although Fused Pokemon are not commonly found in Pokemon ROM hacks, there is one notable example called Pokemon Fused Dimensions.


Although Pokemon Fused Dimensions shares the same story as FireRed, the Pokemon featured in the game are different. These Fused Pokemon are not found in their usual locations and have unique appearances, with their own types and move sets carefully crafted by the creator. The beauty of these creatures lies not only in their looks, but also in their functionality. Players can obtain all available Pokemon in this ROM hack. In addition, there are some minor features, such as Poison not causing Pokemon to faint outside of battles, and Safari Zone Pokemon having a 0% escape rate.


There are approximately 226 Fused Pokemon available in this version, all of which can be obtained. A custom Pokedex has been created specifically for these Fused Pokemon. Additionally, TMs can be reused and HM moves can be deleted. The game includes a Physical/Special split, and the Fairy-type has been introduced. The Repel System from Generation 5 is also present, as well as the EXP System from Generation 8. It is possible to evolve Trade Pokemon using the Link Cable item, and the shiny encounter rate has been increased.

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