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Pokemon Sun and Moon ROM

Pokemon Sun and Moon ROM is available to download and play on Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download and play Pokemon Sun and Moon ROM on any 3ds emulator.

Pokemon Sun and Moon ROM

ConsoleNintendo 3DS
 GenreAdventure , Role-Playing
 Emulators3ds Emulators, Citra
PlatformsAdventure, Role-Playing
 ReleasedNov 18, 2016

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon is a pair of role-playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokemon Company for the Nintendo 3DS handheld game console. They were released worldwide in November 2016.

The games are set in the Alola region, a tropical archipelago based on Hawaii, and follow the adventures of a young trainer as they catch and train various species of Pokemon, battle against other trainers, and uncover the secrets of the region.


The story of “Pokemon Sun and Moon” centers around a young trainer who moves to the Alola region with their mother. Upon arrival, they meet Professor Kukui, who introduces them to the world of Pokemon and encourages them to embark on their own journey as a Pokemon trainer.

The player travels across the various islands of Alola, encountering different species of Pokemon and battling other trainers along the way. They also become involved in a conflict between the Aether Foundation, a mysterious organization dedicated to the protection and study of Pokemon, and Team Skull, a group of misfits and delinquents who seek to cause chaos in the region.

Throughout the game, the player also learns about the legend of the guardian deities, powerful Pokemon who protect each of the islands of Alola. They eventually come face to face with these deities and discover the truth behind their powers.

In the later stages of the game, the player confronts the leaders of Team Skull and the Aether Foundation, culminating in a final battle against the champion of the Alola Pokemon League. Along the way, the player also unravels various secrets and mysteries surrounding the region and its inhabitants.

Without giving too much away, the story of “Pokemon Sun and Moon” has several plot twists and surprises that keep players engaged throughout their journey.


“Pokemon Sun and Moon” gameplay follows the traditional mechanics of the Pokemon series, with a few new features and improvements.

The player explores the Alola region, catching Pokemon and training them to battle against other trainers. The game also introduces “Z-Moves,” powerful moves that can be used once per battle after obtaining a Z-Crystal corresponding to the Pokemon’s type.

One major change to the gameplay is the replacement of traditional Gym Battles with Island Challenges. These challenges involve completing various tasks and trials on each island, such as battling Pokemon or solving puzzles, culminating in a battle against a powerful “Totem” Pokemon. Once all challenges on an island are completed, the player can take on the Kahuna, the island’s leader, in a battle to progress to the next island.

Another new feature is the introduction of “Ride Pokemon,” which are Pokemon that the player can ride to access new areas and abilities. For example, the player can ride a Tauros to break through barriers or a Lapras to surf across water.

The game also features a new battle interface that displays more information about the Pokemon and the battle, as well as new character customization options and online multiplayer features.

Overall, the gameplay of “Pokemon Sun and Moon” offers new twists on traditional Pokemon mechanics while retaining the core elements that have made the series so popular.


“Pokemon Sun and Moon” offers several features that distinguish it from previous games in the Pokemon series. Here are some of the key features of the game:

  • Alola Region: The game takes place in the Alola region, a tropical archipelago based on Hawaii, featuring new environments, characters, and Pokemon.
  • Island Challenges: Instead of traditional Gym Battles, the game introduces Island Challenges, where players complete tasks and trials on each island to progress. These challenges culminate in battles against powerful Totem Pokemon and island leaders.
  • Ride Pokemon: Players can use certain Pokemon as Ride Pokemon to travel across the region, access new areas, and solve puzzles.
  • Z-Moves: The game introduces Z-Moves, powerful moves that can be used once per battle after obtaining a Z-Crystal corresponding to the Pokemon’s type.
  • Rotom Dex: The Rotom Dex is a Pokedex with a personality, providing players with helpful information and tips throughout the game.
  • New Pokemon: The game introduces many new Pokemon, including regional variants of classic Pokemon that have adapted to the Alola region.
  • Character Customization: The game offers more customization options for the player character, allowing them to change their appearance and clothing.
  • Online Features: Players can connect online to trade Pokemon, battle other trainers, and participate in global missions.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters

The starter Pokemon in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” are:

  • Rowlet: a Grass/Flying-type Pokemon resembling a small owl. It evolves into Dartrix and then into Decidueye.
  • Litten: a Fire-type Pokemon resembling a small black cat. It evolves into Torracat and then into Incineroar.
  • Popplio: a Water-type Pokemon resembling a small seal. It evolves into Brionne and then into Primarina.

Players can choose one of these three starter Pokemon at the beginning of the game, and it will accompany them throughout their journey in the Alola region. Each starter Pokemon has its own unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, so players should consider their playstyle and preferences when choosing their starter.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Chapter 1: The Beginning

  • The player arrives in the Alola region and meets Professor Kukui
  • The player receives their starter Pokemon and sets off on their journey

Chapter 2: Route 1

  • The player battles other trainers and catches new Pokemon
  • The player reaches Iki Town and participates in a festival

Chapter 3: Hau’oli City

  • The player reaches Hau’oli City and meets various characters, including Hau and Lillie
  • The player battles the city’s Kahuna, Hala, and earns their first Z-Crystal

Chapter 4: Route 2 and Route 3

  • The player explores the region and catches new Pokemon
  • The player completes the trials on Melemele Island and battles the Totem Pokemon

Chapter 5: Akala Island

  • The player reaches Akala Island and participates in new trials
  • The player battles the island’s Kahuna, Olivia, and earns another Z-Crystal

Chapter 6: Route 4 and Route 5

  • The player explores the region and catches new Pokemon
  • The player completes the trials on Akala Island and battles the Totem Pokemon

Chapter 7: Heahea City and Aether Paradise

  • The player reaches Heahea City and meets new characters
  • The player travels to Aether Paradise and learns more about the Aether Foundation and their goals

Chapter 8: Route 6 and Route 7

  • The player explores the region and catches new Pokemon
  • The player completes the trials on Ula’ula Island and battles the Totem Pokemon

Chapter 9: Po Town

  • The player infiltrates Team Skull’s base and battles their leader, Guzma

Chapter 10: Mount Lanakila and the Pokemon League

  • The player climbs Mount Lanakila and battles the Elite Four
  • The player battles the Alola Pokemon League Champion and becomes the new champion

Chapter 11: The Conclusion

  • The player uncovers the secrets of the Ultra Beasts and battles against them
  • The player encounters and battles Necrozma, the legendary Pokemon of the Alola region

Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex

Pokedex No.Pokemon NameTypeDescription
001RowletGrass/FlyingA small owl Pokemon with a leafy bowtie, it can silently fly to its target and attack with powerful kicks.
004PopplioWaterA small seal Pokemon with a blue coat, it can create balloons of water and use them to perform acrobatic stunts.
007PikipekNormal/FlyingA woodpecker Pokemon with a pointed beak, it can peck at tree trunks with incredible speed and accuracy.
010CaterpieBugA small, worm-like Pokemon with a green body, it can spin silk from its mouth to create a cocoon for protection.
016PidgeyNormal/FlyingA small bird Pokemon with brown feathers, it can fly at Mach speeds and use its sharp talons for attacks.
019RattataNormalA small mouse Pokemon with a purple body, it has sharp teeth that can gnaw through almost anything.
020RaticateNormalA larger, more aggressive version of Rattata, it can use its sharp fangs to deliver powerful bites.
025PikachuElectricA beloved Pokemon known for its cute appearance and electric powers, it can unleash powerful electric shocks.
029Nidoran♀PoisonA small, rabbit-like Pokemon with a purple body and spines, it can use its poison-tipped horn for attacks.
032Nidoran♂PoisonA small, rabbit-like Pokemon with a blue body and spines, it can use its poison-tipped horn for attacks.
041ZubatPoison/FlyingA bat-like Pokemon with a purple body, it can fly in the dark using its sonar and use Supersonic to confuse foes.
050DiglettGroundA small, mole-like Pokemon with a brown body and a pink nose, it can dig through the ground at incredible speeds.
052MeowthNormalA small, cat-like Pokemon with a yellow coat and a coin-like medallion on its forehead, it can use its sharp claws for attacks.
054PsyduckWaterA small, duck-like Pokemon with a yellow body, it is always confused and can unleash powerful psychic waves when angry.
060PoliwagWaterA small, tadpole-like Pokemon with a blue body and a spiral on its belly, it can swim in any direction.
063AbraPsychicA small, yellow Pokemon with a pointed head, it can teleport short distances and use psychic powers for attacks.
066MachopFightingA muscular, humanoid Pokemon with gray skin, it can lift heavy objects and deliver powerful punches.
069BellsproutGrass/PoisonA plant-like Pokemon with a green body and a bell-shaped head, it can use its vines for attacks and wrap around foes.
074GeodudeRock/GroundA rock-like Pokemon with a brown body and a rocky head, it can roll into a ball and use its rocky fists for attacks.
077PonytaFireA horse-like Pokemon with a fiery mane and tail, it can run at high speeds and use powerful fire attacks.