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Pokemon Pink

Pokemon Pink is a fanmade version of Pokemon Blue. This game is developed by 80c developer. who made some changes in Pokemon Blue and released the game. This game has some new changes and improvements. You can play this game on the GB emulator.

Pokemon Pink ROM

File: Pokemon Pink ROM
: Android, Mac, Windows, iPhone
Emulator: Gameboy (GB)
Developer: 80c
Type: Fanmade Game

Pokemon Pink v2.1 is the latest version of the game. In this game, you have to play the role of the young protagonist Kris. You have to complete different challenges with Kris. Pink Version is mostly similar to the blue version. Bit the developers have added some new mechanisms and features from other generations.


  • New Protagonist from Pokemon Crystal.
  • 3 New Generations.
  • The type Chart has been updated.
  • New starters Pokemon are added.
  • Extra intro Screen and Palettes are added.
  • Bug Fixed.

Download Pokemon Pink ROM

Pokemon Pink ROM (2.1)Download
What is the Pokemon pink version?

Pokemon Pink is a fanmade version of the Pokemon Blue game.

How to Download Pokemon Pink?

You can download Pokemon Pink from Pokemonrom.net

Which Protoganuist played the main role in Pokemon Pink?

Kris played the main role in Pokemon Pink.

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