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Pokemon Unbound ROM – Download

Pokemon Unbound is a modified version of Pokemon Fire Red. Skeli789 Started working on Pokemon Unbound ROM in 2016. Now the latest version of the game is You can download the ROM file below.

Pokemon Unbound

Pokemon Unbound

Pokemon Unbound is a fanmade ROM hack of the popular Pokemon FireRed game that was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2004. The ROM hack was created by a Pokemon fan and developer who goes by the name of Skeli, and it features a brand new story, new regions to explore, new characters, new Pokemon, and new features not found in the original game.

The game takes place in the Borrius region, a previously unexplored area in the Pokemon universe. The story follows a young trainer who sets out on a journey to become a Pokemon Master, but soon becomes embroiled in a larger conflict involving an evil organization and a legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Unbound also features a number of quality-of-life improvements, such as increased difficulty, updated graphics and music, and new gameplay mechanics. The game is highly regarded by many Pokemon fans and is considered one of the best ROM hacks available.


The story of Pokemon Unbound follows the player character on their journey through the Borrius region, a new region that is not found in any of the official Pokemon games. The region is known for its rich history and its connection to legendary Pokemon, which have played a significant role in the region’s past.

As the player character explores the region, they encounter a mysterious organization known as Team Karma, who are seeking to capture the legendary Pokemon for their own purposes. The player character becomes embroiled in the conflict between Team Karma and the legendary Pokemon, and they must work to stop the organization and save the region from their nefarious plans.

Along the way, the player character battles gym leaders to earn badges and become a stronger trainer, and they encounter a variety of interesting characters and rivals who challenge them on their journey. The story of Pokemon Unbound is full of twists and turns, with many unexpected revelations and exciting battles. Ultimately, the player character must use all their skills and resources to stop Team Karma and save the region from destruction.


The gameplay of Pokemon Unbound follows the basic formula of other Pokemon games, with the player controlling a character who explores a region, battles other trainers, and captures and trains Pokemon to become stronger. However, there are some unique features and mechanics that set Pokemon Unbound apart from other Pokemon games.

One key feature of Pokemon Unbound is the new region, the Borrius region, which features a unique story and several new Pokemon that were created specifically for the game. In addition to the new Pokemon, there are also Mega Evolutions for existing Pokemon, giving players even more options for building their teams.

Players can customize their characters by choosing their gender and appearance, and they can also nickname their Pokemon. The game also features several difficulty options that can be chosen at the beginning of the game, ranging from easy to hard mode.

The graphics and sound in Pokemon Unbound are improved compared to some of the official Pokemon games, giving the game a more modern feel. There are also several side quests and post-game content available, such as the Battle Frontier and the ability to catch all the legendary Pokemon.

Overall, Pokemon Unbound offers a unique and engaging Pokemon experience, with new features and mechanics that set it apart from other Pokemon games, while still retaining the core gameplay that fans of the series have come to love.


Pokemon Unbound has many unique features and gameplay mechanics that differentiate it from the official Pokemon games. Some of the most notable features of the game include:

  • New Region: The game takes place in the Borrius region, a brand new region with its own cities, towns, routes, and landmarks.
  • New Storyline: The game features a new and original storyline, which is both engaging and challenging. The story revolves around the discovery of ancient ruins and the legendary Pokemon that are said to reside within them.
  • New Pokemon: The game features over 200 new Pokemon, including both new evolutions of existing Pokemon and completely original designs.
  • Updated Graphics: The game features updated graphics and visuals, which give it a more modern look and feel compared to the original Pokemon games.
  • New Abilities and Moves: The game introduces new abilities and moves, which add depth and variety to the battle system.
  • Mega Evolutions: The game features Mega Evolutions, which allow certain Pokemon to transform into powerful new forms during battles.
  • Day/Night Cycle: The game features a dynamic day/night cycle, which affects the availability of certain Pokemon and the behavior of some NPCs.
  • Battle Frontier: The game features a Battle Frontier, which is a post-game facility that allows players to battle against powerful trainers and earn rewards.
  • Multiple Endings: The game features multiple endings, which are determined by the player’s actions and choices throughout the game.

Pokemon Unbound Download

You can download the latest and complete version of the game.

File: Pokemon Unbound ROM
Developer: Skeli789
Modified of: Pokemon FireRed
Platform: GBA
Last update: 2023

Pokemon Unbound ROM

You can download Pokemon Unbound ROM from below:

Pokemon Unbound ROM (Complete)Download

Pokemon Unbound Walkthrough

Chapter 1:

The game starts with the player character moving to Borrius region and receiving a Pokemon from the professor. The player then sets out on their journey and explores the first few areas of the region.

Chapter 2:

The player battles the first gym leader and obtains their first badge. They also encounter the game’s main antagonist, Team Karma, who seeks to capture legendary Pokemon.

Chapter 3:

The player explores more of the Borrius region and battles several gym leaders to earn more badges. They also encounter the game’s rival, who is a fellow trainer seeking to become the strongest in the region.

Chapter 4:

The player reaches the halfway point of the game and battles the fourth gym leader. They also encounter more members of Team Karma and uncover their plans to capture the legendary Pokemon.

Chapter 5:

The player reaches the second half of the game and continues to battle gym leaders and encounter more members of Team Karma. They also uncover more secrets about the legendary Pokemon and their connection to the region’s history.

Chapter 6:

The player reaches the endgame and battles the final gym leader to obtain their final badge. They then face off against Team Karma in their final attempt to capture the legendary Pokemon and save the region.

Chapter 7:

The player faces the game’s ultimate challenge, the Battle Frontier, and battles against powerful trainers to earn rewards and become the strongest trainer in the region.

Pokemon Unbound Starters

The starter Pokemon available in Pokemon Unbound are:

  • Breechic: Breechic is a Grass/Flying type Pokemon that evolves into Avianary, which also has the same dual typing. Breechic has the ability Overgrow, which boosts its Grass type moves when its HP is low.
  • Flairees: Flairees is a Fire/Fairy type Pokemon that evolves into Emplion, which also has the same dual typing. Flairees has the ability Blaze, which boosts its Fire type moves when its HP is low.
  • Seaquench: Seaquench is a Water/Ice type Pokemon that evolves into Narwhizzen, which also has the same dual typing. Seaquench has the ability Torrent, which boosts its Water type moves when its HP is low.

All three starter Pokemon are dual typed and have unique evolutions. They also have abilities that boost their type-specific moves when their HP is low, which can be useful in battles.

Pokemon Unbound Gym Leaders

Pokemon Unbound features several Gym Leaders that players must defeat to progress through the game. Here is a list of the Gym Leaders in Pokemon Unbound:

  1. Roxie – Poison-type Gym Leader in Virbank City
  2. Calem – Normal-type Gym Leader in Vaniville Town
  3. Ramos – Grass-type Gym Leader in Route 8
  4. Valerie – Fairy-type Gym Leader in Laverre City
  5. Korrina – Fighting-type Gym Leader in Geosenge Town
  6. Siebold – Water-type Gym Leader in Couriway Town
  7. Grant – Rock-type Gym Leader in Cyllage City
  8. Drayden – Dragon-type Gym Leader in Opelucid City

Pokemon Unbound Cheats

Here are some of the cheat codes that are available for the game:

  • Rare Candy Cheat: Enter the code “820258400044” to receive rare candies in your inventory. This code works in the same way as the official Pokemon games.
  • Master Ball Cheat: Enter the code “820258400088” to receive Master Balls in your inventory. This code works in the same way as the official Pokemon games.
  • Infinite Money Cheat: Enter the code “82025838104E” to receive infinite money in the game. This code will give you 99,999,999 PokeDollars.
  • Pokemon Modifier Cheat: Enter the code “83007CEE XXXX” to replace the “XXXX” with the hexadecimal ID of the Pokemon that you want to appear in the wild. This code allows you to encounter any Pokemon in the game.