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Pokemon Unbound ROM

Pokemon Unbound is a modified version of Pokemon Fire Red. Skeli789 Started working on Pokemon Unbound ROM in 2016. Now the latest version of the game is You can download the ROM file below.

Pokemon Unbound

Pokemon Unbound

In the new game “Pokemon Unbound” you are no longer constrained to a specific region. You can travel anywhere in the world of Borrius region. The world is yours to explore! The game also features a brand new battle system. Battles now take place in real-time, so you’ll need to be quick on your feet if you want to win! There are also new items and abilities that you can use to help you in battle. “Pokemon Unbound” is a hack game of pokemon FireRed, which is based on an existing game engine. The developers have made some changes to the original game engine, including adding new areas and changing the way battles work. You can also see other ROM from Pokemon ROMs.


  • It has Rich Post-Game
  • A Custom OST is added to the game.
  • Features Galore.
  • Beautiful Updated Graphics then Firered.
  • Exciting Mini-Games are added.
  • Daily Events are added in the game.
  • Difficulty Modes are now available in the game.
  • It has a New HM System.
  • Challenging Puzzles are added.
  • Character Customization is now available.
  • It has Unique Mission System.

Pokemon Unbound Download

You can download the latest and complete version of the game.

File: Pokemon Unbound ROM
Developer: Skeli789
Modified of: Pokemon FireRed
Platform: GBA
Last update: 2022

Pokemon Unbound ROM (Complete)Download
Unbound Battle Frontier (Demo)Download
How to play Pokemon Unbound?

To play Pokemon Unbound on Android, iPhone or Windows there is a need to install the GBA emulator first. As this ROM works on the GBA emulator.

What Gen does Pokemon Unbound use?

It is based on Pokemon Generation 3 games.

Is Pokemon unbound still being worked on?

This Project was started in 2016 and completed in 2022. Now the game is available in its full version.