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Pokemon Radical Red ROM

Pokemon Radical Red ROM

Pokemon Radical Red is a fanmade version of the Pokemon FireRed version. This game is have new elements, challenges and gameplay than the original FireRed. You can download the latest version of the Pokemon Radical Red ROM below.

Pokemon Radical Red

  • File name: Pokemon Radical Red ROM
  • Developers: Yuuiii
  • Platforms: Android, Windows, Mac and iPhone
  • Emulator: GBA

Radical Red was developed by Yuuiii. The latest version of the Game is 2.3a. You can play this game on any device with a GBA emulator. This game has a very difficult mode with new elements.


  1. You can randomize the game at the start.
  2. Gym Leaders can be fought again.
  3. Available EV training areas
  4. New Pokemon Abilities are added.
  5. More Legendary Pokemon are added
  6. Pokemon stats have been changed
  7. The difficulty is very harder than the Firered.
  8. Colored IV is available on the status menu
  9. Able to swap Pokemon Abilities later
  10. HMs are replaced

Pokemon Radical Red Download

Pokemon Radical Red ROMDownload

There is a need to patch the file before play. You can patch the file with Pokemon Fire red.

How to install Pokemon Radical Red?

Download the Radical red ROM file and Pokemon Firered ROM file. Then download a patcher app for Windows or Android. Now Patch the UPS file with the Original game file and play the patched file in the GBA emualtor.

What is Pokemon Radical Red?

Pokemon Radical Red is a fanmade version of the Pokemon Firered. This game has a randomizer feature with much new stuff.